ACN, Akeredolu appeal Ondo tribunal’s verdict

Originally posted on Nigeria News:

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and its candidate in last October’s governorship election in Ondo State, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN), yesterday filed an appeal against the ruling of the Election Petition Tribunal, which declared Governor Olusegun Mimiko winner of the poll.
The suit was…ACN, Akeredolu appeal Ondo tribunal’s verdict

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Some Reasons Why People Evade Tax

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English: A polling booth in the New Forest for...

English: A polling booth in the New Forest for the UK vote change referendum and local government election. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After speaking to people over the years, I have been able to gather reasons why they evade the tax that they ought to pay.

  • The Tax system is unfair and that rich people pay too little whilst the poor pay too much as a percentage of income
  • The government doesn’t utilise the money effectively
  • The MP’s are wasting money on personal allowances
  • The government is out there causing warfare in their home countries
  • The government is oppressing the hard working people

All these reasons are very pointless and are from people who simply cannot be bothered to vote. Instead, they spend their time effectively evading tax. If they really cared, they would go to the polling station on the day of voting and vote in a suitable…

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Tsvangirai: Chinese investment welcomed

Originally posted on Zimbabwe Election: Latest News & Voting Information:

HARARE, May 22 (Xinhua) — Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai onWednesday said Chinese investments are welcomed and he hopes the economic tiescan be further strengthened after Zimbabwe’s elections.

Tsvangirai told visiting Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang that Zimbabwe’s newconstitution, which was signed into law Wednesday, provides strong protection forforeign investments.

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What is the Xbox One?

Originally posted on Brain to Keyboard:

In case you missed the reveal on May 21..

Now what I’m going to say next is my opinion and entirely my opinion, you can agree with me completely, or you can disagree claiming I don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s what’s great about an opinion. Now let’s get started..

First, the controller. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

Xbox One Controller (Source:

Looks nice, right? Yeah it looks alright, and it features impulse triggers (whatever that means, and thinner analog sticks. Yeah, alright, but that’s fine, I’ll just use my Xbox 360 controller, cause it’s a controller design I’ve used for several years and I just like it. WRONG! You can’t use your Xbox 360 controller with the Xbox One. ( But to be fair, you can’t use your Playstation 3 controller with the Playstation 4. ( But, once again, let’s compare the new…

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Drone Attacks Receive Analysis Today in NYT

Originally posted on Sparking The Left:

JP-DRONES-articleLargeA good article in the NYT on various things regarding the drone strike policy. Pres. Obama plans to lay out new architecture of usage in speech today, drone strikes have decreased from 2010 on, and quotes from high-ranking critics are also included in the piece. Must read.

Read Here.

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Originally posted on All Along the Watchtower:


In May 1898 the British Prime Minister, the third marquis of Salisbury, made a speech which caused great offence to some European Powers. In it he referred to declining and the rising Powers, stating that the world belonged to the latter. The ambassadors of Portugal and Spain were on his door-step the next morning asking if he had meant them? No one was in any doubt about that. Usually written off as a pessimist, in this instance Salisbury was proclaiming the confidence of the Anglo-Saxon Powers as they moved toward the new century. It was against this sort of triumphalism that Kipling wrote his poem ‘The White Man’s Burden’, which warned America what to expect from the new world role it was stepping into. It has long been fashionable to dismiss it as statement of imperial pride; read in the light of the last century it is possible to…

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Let’s Change the Discussion, and Blast Apple Inc.

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When you are about to have your ass handed to you, what’s the best strategy? Diversion. And apparently this is exactly what the Democrats are attempting to do after getting their hands caught with their own IRS scandal, as the Wall Street Journal posts:

You almost have to admire Carl Levin’s timing. Amid a furor over politicized IRS tax enforcement, the Michigan Democrat on Tuesday tried to change the subject to a hardy Washington perennial—corporate tax loopholes. Too bad his designated business pinata, Apple, AAPL -0.74% demonstrates instead the insanity of the tax code that Mr. Levin has done so much to write.

Mr. Levin unveiled the results of his months-long investigation into Apple’s corporate taxes and accused the American business success of employing “alchemy” and “gimmickry” to lower its tax bill. What Mr. Levin did not do was present any evidence of anything illegal or even inappropriate. He did…

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